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The STAR App

Students and parents - We know how difficult it is to find information on performing arts programs! Digging through websites for hard-to-find pre-screen information, audition dates, and degree types can be time consuming! Let the STAR App be your guide!

You can research details on application and audition requirements, tuition, scholarships and so much more with STAR's fully automated, web-based information management platform that guides you through the entire college audition process.

How do you create a balanced audition list? There are schools beyond the “Top 20”. Don’t overlook programs you know nothing about! The STAR App was developed to help students discover a wide diversity of exceptional programs. We believe there is a perfect program for anyone who wants to pursue the arts. – You just have to find it!

“If we knew what we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”- Albert Einstein

search smarter,
not harder.

Take a look inside the STAR App. Learn how you can stay organized and on track.


STAR’s robust database of over 350 college-level performing arts programs gives you application, audition, contact and financial information that will help you create the perfect college audition list. You will discover a wide diversity of amazing programs that will open up possibilities that you didn’t know existed. Find those hidden gems!

map your Audition journey

Customize your school search, filter your results and research multiple programs with ease. Consolidate all of your information in one place at your fingertips when you need it, and compare programs based on the criteria important to you.

Worry less and accomplish more

Our unique platform, college details and timelines help guide you through the process, focus your search and make efficient use of your time and money.

Get Organized with star

The cloud-based media storage provides ready access to your selected videos, headshots, resumes and other documents. Simply drop and drag the best selection for each institution or audition application.

never miss a deadline

Use the timeline calendar to stay organized and track applications, scholarships, prescreens and audition dates. Never forget a deadline or commitment with the automated reminders and centralized information.


As a mom who just finished the college musical theatre audition process, having your automated service would have made this journey less stressful and easier. Automated deadlines are exactly what I needed! It's perfect for helping students find the right fit. There’s not another service like this, so I am referring everyone to STAR.
Musical Theatre Mom
Can't say enough good things about The STAR App. It helps performing arts students navigate the intimidating and very time-consuming college theatre audition process. This invaluable and interactive platform helps demystify the college audition process!
Eva Patton
Ball State University
LOVE the STAR app! It has been a total game changer. I'm able to track my schedule, store my headshots and prescreen videos in the media library, and access tons of tips for audition season. Having STAR at my side during this crazy stressful time has been so wonderful. I would recommend STAR to everyone interested in going to college for theatre.
Grace Malloy
Molloy College/CAP21