STAR Advertising Opportunities

If you’re trying to reach students from all races, backgrounds, locations and income levels for your new class, this is where you should focus those marketing dollars.


At STAR, we focus on the “search” part of the college audition process. The STAR app wants to connect the right student to YOU!  First, they need to know who you are! Because our platform is a free search tool, we attract a more diverse group of users from different economic backgrounds to our platform. We believe every student should have the same level of access to colleges across the country. Many of our student subscribers had no idea that excellent performing arts programs exist in some of the colleges and universities in our extensive database until they started using The STAR APP. Now that the STAR App is free even more students will know about the hidden gems in our database.

There are many pricing options available for all marketing budgets. If you’re trying to reach students who are applying to MT, Acting, Dance, Design Tech and vocal performance programs from all races, backgrounds, locations, and income levels for your new class, this is where you will find them. 

Think of The STAR APP as your full-time recruitment tool!

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