Tom Matte

Sales and Marketing

Tom Matte has been a leader in the world of branding and marketing for three decades. He now brings that passion and expertise to the STAR app.


Before joining the STAR app team, he owned and managed an advertising, marketing and branding firm where he and his team of professionals helped scores of businesses create branding and sales strategies that set them apart from their competitors and helped them grow and thrive.


More than your traditional “creative,” Tom is also a numbers nerd who understands smart data is needed to help paint a picture of where a business is now and where it can go. It is this, along with a variety of other factors, that he discusses with clients in his branding sessions, the results of which always leads to unique positioning, messaging, and yes, branding, that puts – and keeps – businesses ahead of their competition.


Never one to espouse a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Tom truly gets to know his clients, so the strategies he recommends fit their size, work recruiting efforts and allow each one to get the best possible results for their marketing dollars.


The Glens Falls, New York, native is the father of two adult sons who now lives in Norcross, Georgia, with his wife, Christie whom he met while at the University of Georgia where he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Tom is an advocate and speaker for mental health and helping others.