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STAR Helps Connect you to a diverse group of students!

Student Diversity Is Key

Students Get To Know Your Program

Many of our student subscribers had no idea that excellent performing arts programs exist in some of the colleges and universities in our extensive database! We believe that should change. Unlike other platforms, we focus on the “search” part of the college process. Because STAR is a free tool, it allows every student to have the same level of access to colleges across the country.

STAR provides various ways for your program to shine!  We have opportunities to share what makes you special on our main dashboard as well as each tab the students will see throughout the platform. You can share tidbits about the school, videos from faculty and even promote upcoming workshops/auditions. Your ad is a living virtual way to connect to students who are looking for their perfect fit. STAR provides many opportunities for your program to stand out.

STAR Connects Students To You

Students Are Ready To Meet You

Every journey begins with a map! STAR makes it easy for students to customize their school search, filter results and research multiple programs with ease.  STAR is the navigation tool that will connect students to you!  Our directory database features over 350 programs. Because our platform is a free search tool, we can attract a more diverse group of users from different economic background to our platform.

Our timeline calendar allows students to organize and track application, scholarship, prescreen and audition deadlines. Our cloud-based media storage provides ready access to prescreen videos, headshots, resumes and other documents. STAR even has a resume builder that helps students create a professional resume with ease. STAR helps students and parents navigate the overwhelming college audition process from beginning to end.

There are many pricing options available for all marketing budgets. If you’re trying to reach students who are applying to MT, Acting, Dance, Design Tech and vocal performance programs, this is where they’ll be. If you’re trying to reach students from all races, backgrounds, locations and income levels for your new class, this is where you should focus those marketing dollars. For more information email Download our media kit for details on all our advertising opportunities.


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Can't say enough good things about The STAR App. It helps performing arts students navigate the intimidating and very time-consuming college theatre audition process. This invaluable and interactive platform helps demystify the college audition process!
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