Our Story

Why We Created STAR

We’re two working moms who had no idea what a complicated road we were taking when our sons decided to apply to college performing arts programs. They had talent, experience and excellent training – but we found it takes a lot more than that to find and land a spot in a theatre arts program.  A lot more.


Applying to a college performing arts program is a journey to a destination: College applications, pre-screen videos, auditions, interviews… Along with our sons, we spent countless hours combing the internet, gathering and organizing information. We used our professional backgrounds in marketing and management to create spreadsheets and systems to stay organized. It was exhausting, expensive, and frustrating. We were on a journey with no map!


You know moms…when we get frustrated, we get creative, inventive and inspired! We took our idea to a team of software developers and for almost a year worked to create the perfect audition tool. The STAR app was born. We provide the best web based organizational tools and advice we wish we’d had when traveling this path. Our proprietary website will help aspiring performing arts students and their parents streamline the complex audition process, target the right schools and save valuable time and money.


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