Key Factors When Choosing A Performing Arts Program

Our goal at the STAR app is to connect aspiring performing arts students to college programs.

Connecting with students is more than just data and communication. Connecting is a strategic effort to create relationships beyond the initial transaction. It involves communication, but it is so much more…. connected students tend to become engaged students, and engaged students are vital to a program’s success.

Colleges invest so much in marketing and count on it to create a return on investment. The Rule of 7 states a prospect needs to “hear” a message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to invest in that product or service. The fact is, if your message doesn’t address what’s important to students and parents, simply put, it won’t work.

We wanted to find out what matters most to performing arts students and parents when choosing a potential college program. We recently surveyed a group of parents and students – the results may surprise you!

What factors are most important when choosing a performing arts program?

The number 1 answer – The Program Produces Working Actors!

Does your program connect with potential students to convey this information? Letting perspective students know that your program produces working actors on stage and behind the scenes helps them feel more confident about the future. It also emphasizes there is a network of alumni they can tap into for advice and assistance. Last, but certainly not least, it makes tentative parents assured that their child has options other than coming back home after graduation.

What resources do you use when researching college programs?

Websites, social media, coaches, and STAR topped the list!

Let’s be honest, all websites are NOT created equally. Information can be difficult to find.

Is someone managing your social media platform in an engaging way?  If so, are they talking about what matters to your potential students?

The STAR app is gaining ground and quickly becoming THE place to do research! STAR offers an unbiased way to sort through a myriad of information and to drill down on what truly matters. It gives colleges the opportunity to create engaging connections through messaging, video, and social media links.

Take look at all the survey results and make sure your program is highlighting the information your prospective students and parents want to know.